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Vibratory Tables
Vibratory Tables
These tables gently advance fruit or other product by the use of vibration for custom hand-sorting.

Whether you are using 1/2 ton bins, small picking lugs or another conveyor to deliver your fruit, we have found vibrating tables an excellent choice for the initial settling and leveling of grapes and other products.

Many of our clients are utilizing the vibrating tables to deliver whole cluster grapes to their destemmers. Vibrating tables are also very easy to clean. The initial portion of the table has an optional draining system and a tri-clamp fitted basin for juice collection is available.

These tables are all stainless steel and have a number of standard features:

Robust electric motor and controls.

Lateral sorting courses running the length of the table to assist in separation of the MOG (Material Other than Grape) from your high quality fruit.

Adjustable height and high quality casters for portability.

Sorting Systems & Grape Reception

Flawless Performance, Minimum Maintenance

P&L Specialties provides operating and specification information with our new equipment. We also offer on-site training and our customized Equipment Maintenance Programs.

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