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Screw Conveyors
New P&L Product Release!

P&L Specialties produces the finest stainless steel Screw Conveyors in the industry. We install U.H.M.W. (Ultra High Molecular Weight) flight edging that is very durable, easy to maintain, and won't harm your product.

This design provides smoother conveyance of the product. It eliminates the maintenance problems, potential for product contamination, and the "dead spot" associated with hanger bearings.

Our design provides continuous gentle product conveyance. Options include wedge wire screening for drainage, Sliding Discharge Doors, and In-line magnets. Our designs utilize stainless steel shafts for ease of maintenance.

Since we fabricate our screws entirely in our shop, we are able to offer any size, diameter, and pitch for your Screw Conveyor. Depending on your requirements we offer variable, tapered, double pitch conveyors, as well as ribbon, paddle and blending screws. P&L Specialties also offers in-ground and cast-in-place conveyors.

Custom Crush Pads

Smoother Conveyance, Durable, Easy to Maintain

P&L Specialties provides operating and specification information with our new equipment. We also offer on-site training and our customized Equipment Maintenance Programs.

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