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Receiving Hoppers

New P&L Product Release!
Like our Screw Conveyors, our Receiving Hopper designs use U.H.M.W. flight edging and no hanger bearings for smoother conveyance of material.

Ongoing improvements in our products include options such as Wedge Wire Screening, Progressive Pitch Screws, Heavy Duty Bearings and In-Line Magnets. Our Hoppers are hand crafted with extra attention paid to the visual aesthetics of the design and workmanship.

We offer 10 gauge liners and many different finish levels of stainless steel to allow our customers to select the look they desire.

100% stainless steel construction ensures that P&L Specialties' Hoppers will look beautiful for their lifetime. The same dedication to design and performance that is the cornerstone of our Screw Conveyors, is engineered into every P&L Specialties’ Receiving Hopper.

Custom Crush Pads

Smoother Conveyance of Material

P&L Specialties provides operating and specification information with our new equipment. We also offer on-site training and our customized Equipment Maintenance Programs.

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