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Brix Buddy

Brix Buddy
When cleaning 2, 5 and 7 ton bins, have you ever wondered why all of that rinse water and other material should end up in your receiving hopper?

The Brix Buddy™ is our innovative solution to that problem. The Brix Buddy™ is a rolling rinse water diverter that attaches to the top of your receiving hopper. It rolls along the length of the hopper to divert rinse water away from the hopper while washing gondolas.

When you are done it rolls out of the dump zone until you are ready for the next bin. The Brix Buddy™ protects your investment from rinse water, foreign material, and sediments. We can fabricate a Brix Buddy™ for almost any existing receiving hopper, regardless of the original manufacturer.

The Brix Buddy™ is a P&L Specialties' proprietary design.

Custom Crush Pads

The Brix Buddy Protects Your Investment!

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