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CME Peristaltic Pumps

CME creates high quality, stainless steel pumps that are known for their gentleness and durability.  P&L Specialties features the CME Peristaltic, the Single Screw Mono-Type, Elliptical Lobe and Piston Pumps.

CME Peristaltic Pumps gently transfer product via progressive compression of a food-grade hose by rollers.

The main features of the Peristaltic Pump are: complete transfer of the product, the possibility of transferring heterogeneous products containing suspended solid particles, high self-priming power, reversible flow, ability to run dry and precise control of product transfer with the inverter.

CME Peristaltic Pumps feature electronic flow rate regulation and tri-clover connections, AISI 316 stainless steel compensation chambers and for safety, a pressure regulation switch. An optional feed hopper with screw auger is available. Flow rates from 2.5 gpm - 260 gpm. Equipped with US motors, controls and remote pendant.

NEW! –

Hi-Impact Nema 4X and UL listed enclosure provides better protection of the electronic controls.

Remote control pendant with ‘on/off’, speed ‘up’ and speed ‘down’ buttons on 25’ tether.

Click below to view the CME Pumps video.

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Flawless Performance, Minimum Maintenance

P&L Specialties provides operating and specification information with our new equipment. We also offer on-site training and our customized Equipment Maintenance Programs.

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